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25'' W 12'' D (27 in. Cab. Min) Drop-in Blanco Essential

by Blanco
Blanco Essential Drop-In Stainless Steel 25 In. Single Bowl Laundry Sink

Minimum Cabinet Size: 27 in.
Width of bowl: 25''
Depth: 12''
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PEACE & QUIET: Each sink is engineered with sound deadening pads to alleviate noise from splashing water

Endures extreme temperature fluctuations and withstands up to 536°F, exceeding common boiling and baking levels

The result of our hand-polished finishing process, which creates an enduring luster that is resistant to water stains and calcium deposits

Download the Blanco Silgranit mobile color app to help coordinate your sink with common countertop stones or upload your own countertop and match your sink accordingly!

Every room in the home deserves to look its best, including the laundry or mud room. Blanco has designed its laundry sinks with features designed to specifically address the unique needs of cleaning beyond the kitchen. Our sinks feature a generous 12" depth and special accessories to keep cleaning tools handy and organized. Stains and dirt become a problem of the past when you pre-soak and hand-wash in a Blanco laundry sink. The high-quality kitchen utility sinks make for a perfect accompaniment to any laundry room, adding style and grace to function. Fill the deep laundry sink bowl with warm, soapy water for soaking, scrubbing or washing your linens, or rinse your detergent cups in the single bowl sink to keep them free of cleaner residue. Taking great style and design beyond the kitchen, this deep stainless steel utility sink transforms your laundry room into a work of art. Blanco stainless steel sinks are created with premium 18 gauge stainless steel made to our own demanding specifications. The stainless steel sink has a satin polished finish which is the result of an extensive polishing process for a consistent and luxurious appearance. This signature finish features the smoothest, most hygienic and easiest-to-clean stainless steel laundry room sink surface. Our laundry sinks will handle even the toughest cleaning jobs - without the drama, or the staining.

Drain basket and assembly will be supplied by your plumber.

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