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17.5'' W 9'' D (21 in. Cab. Min) Undermount Blanco Performa

by Blanco
Blanco Performa Undermount Granite Composite 17.5 In. Single Bowl Bar Sink

Minimum Cabinet Size: 21 in.
Width of bowl: 17.5''
Depth: 9''
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COMPACT SOLUTION: Ideal for complementary second sink, butler's pantry or bar sink

Endures extreme temperature fluctuations and withstands up to 536°F, exceeding common boiling and baking levels

Patented Hygienic+Plus formula protects against bacteria and dirt

Offered in 9 colors, Silgranit sinks match a variety of countertop materials, from natural stone to engineered stone

Daily cleaning may be done with any non-abrasive cleaner (Bar Keepers Friend, Soft Scrub with Bleach, Soft Scrub or dishwasher soap)

Flange and basket strainer

Grid (item #222466)

Your Blanco bar sink features a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added protection and complete peace of mind

Download the Blanco Silgranit mobile color app to help coordinate your sink with common countertop stones or upload your own countertop and match your sink accordingly!

Indulge in a striking combination of design functionality, ultimate performance and unsurpassed beauty with the Performa BAR SINK. This popular collection makes working and prepping in the kitchen as effortless as it is enjoyable. The unique shape and convenient options provide exceptional convenience and functionality in the kitchen. Complete with refined style, elegant curves, and all nine Silgranit colors, the Performa provides choice and versatility for any space. Made from the rock hard, durable Silgranit patented material, the smooth surface is resistant to chips, scratches and heats up to 536°F. Even a fork or the bottom of a hot pan can't damage Blanco Silgranit sinks. The colorful, non-porous surface also makes the bowl resistant from all stains, household acids and alkali solutions as well as easy-to-clean. For three generations, Blanco has quietly and passionately elevated the standards for luxury sinks, faucets, and decorative accessories. A family-owned company, Blanco was founded over 85 years ago in Germany, and recently celebrated a milestone of 25 years in the United States where we are recognized as a leader in quality, innovation, and unsurpassed service.

Drain basket and assembly will be supplied by your plumber.

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