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33'' W 9'' D (36 in. Cab. Min) Apron Front Blanco Quatrus

by Blanco
Blanco Quatrus R15 Ergon Farmhouse Apron-Front Stainless Steel 33 In. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink With Wood Cutting Board

Minimum Cabinet Size: 36 in.
Width of bowl: 33''
Depth: 9''
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FREE ACCESSORY: Wood cutting board included

Each sink is engineered with sound deadening pads to alleviate noise from splashing water

Endures extreme temperature fluctuations and withstands up to 536°F, exceeding common boiling and baking levels

After each use, rinse thoroughly, then wipe sink dry with a clean soft cloth

Grid (item #237516) and steel colander (Item #227689)

Your Blanco laundry sink features a Limited Lifetime Warranty for added protection and complete peace of mind

Download the Blanco Silgranit mobile color app to help coordinate your sink with common countertop stones or upload your own countertop and match your sink accordingly!

Whether you cook for a large family or entertain for friends, an ergonomic and efficient sink station can have a huge impact on your level of enjoyment in the kitchen. Blanco has created the perfect food prep workstation with the Quatrus R15 ERGON farmhouse sink. Designed to bring your work area closer with an innovative ledge and rail system, food prep has never been easier. The new ERGON farmhouse sink is the perfect kitchen companion. What makes the ERGON farmhouse sink so unique, is a built-in ledge along the front and back edge of the sink. This ledge accommodates a variety of accessories, bringing several different kitchen tasks within a comfortable reach. The Quatrus R15 aprons also offer generous radius inside corners for easy cleaning, and slightly rounded, family-friendly outside apron corners. The ash cutting board is included with the purchase of this sink, and is designed to perfectly fit and slide along the inside ledges, extending your countertop over the sink. Made from superior quality stainless steel with 18/10 chrome-nickel content, Blanco sinks keep their brilliance and value for decades. Blanco stainless steel is impervious to water stains and calcium deposits. It is non-porous, acid, rust and stain resistant.

Drain basket and assembly will be supplied by your plumber.

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